Bus Rules



Buses and Other School Vehicles  

The district makes school bus transportation available to all students living two or more miles from school.  This service is provided at no cost to students.  Bus routes and any subsequent changes are posted at the school.

A parent may also designate a child-care facility or grandparent's residence as the regular pickup and drop-off location for his or her child.  The designated facility or residence must be on an approved stop on an approved route.  For information on bus routes and stops or to designate an alternate pickup or drop-off location, you may contact Carla Davis, Transportation Director, at 903 939-4033.

See the Student Code of Conduct for provisions regarding transportation to the disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP).

Students are expected to assist district staff in ensuring that buses remain in good condition and that transportation is provided safely.  When riding in district vehicles, students are held to behavioral standards established in this handbook and the Student Code of Conduct .  Students must:

  • Follow the driver's directions at all times.
  • Enter and leave the bus or van in an orderly manner at the designated stop.
  • Keep feet, books, instrument cases, and other objects out of the aisle.
  • Not deface the bus, van, or its equipment.
  • Not put head, hands, arms, or legs out of the window, hold any object out of the window, or throw objects within or out of the bus or van.
  • Not possess or use any form of tobacco on school buses.
  • Observe all usual classroom rules.
  • Be seated while the vehicle is moving.
  • Fasten their seat belts, if available.
  • Wait for the driver's signal upon leaving the bus or van and before crossing in front of the vehicle.

Misconduct will be punished in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct ; bus-riding privileges may be suspended.

All students in our school system who ride a bus to school are subject to regulations until they get off at their school or bus stop.  Any misbehavior, which distracts the driver, is a VERY SERIOUS HAZARD to the safe operation of the vehicle, and as such, jeopardizes the safety of all passengers.

School bus transportation as provided by the WISD is a service which can be suspended either temporarily or permanently for students who misbehave.  Every school bus driver and bus monitor will be supplied with a School Bus Incident Reporting form, which reflects the rules of student conduct.

Parents must communicate with the campus principal and bus driver if they plan to pick up their children during afternoon bus loading. Parent must notify the principal's office before 2:30 p.m. if they plan to pick up their child instead of him/her riding the bus home.

The driver will assign seats and enforce rules and safety.

  1. The bus driver is in charge of students on the bus.  Students shall follow the driver's directions at all times.
  2. Only authorized personnel and eligible students assigned to a specific bus are permitted to ride the bus.
  3. Buses will stop at established stops only.  Students will not be permitted to leave the bus until the bus arrives at an established bus stop or the appropriate school.  Students shall load and unload at their designated bus stop only.
  4. Students will wait for a bus by remaining on the sidewalk.  If there is no sidewalk, students will wait next to (but not in) the street.  Students must wait until the bus comes to a full stop before boarding or leaving the bus.
  5. Students are not allowed to board or leave a bus through the emergency door except in an emergency.
  6. Students will remain properly seated at all times and not block center aisle.  All students will be assigned seats.
  7. Students must keep their hands, head, feet and personal objects inside the bus at all times.
  8. Scuffling, shoving, or fighting is prohibited on the bus and at established bus stop.
  9. Littering, spitting, or throwing items inside or from the bus is prohibited.
  10. Students are not allowed to consume food or drink on the bus.  
  11. The use of all tobacco products is unlawful and prohibited.
  12. Students shall not deface or vandalize the bus or related equipment.  Students who violate this rule will be required to pay damages.
  13. Students are not to engage in loud talking, yelling, and the use of profanity, inappropriate language or gestures on the bus.
  14. Students are not allowed to bring animals or harmful objects on the bus (i.e. weapons, drugs, alcohol, matches, lighters, fireworks, etc.)
  15. Students are not to act toward or address comments to a driver or monitor in a disrespectful manner.
  16. Students are not allowed to take or handle any emergency equipment inside the bus.
  17. Students are not to engage in any other conduct that disrupts the safe operation of the bus.
  18. When students ride in a district van or passenger car, seat belts must be used at all times.

The above rules apply while on the bus, immediately prior to boarding the bus, or immediately after departing the bus.  If a student is reported for any of the above activities, the principal may take the following disciplinary action:

First Report:   REPORT FILED - The driver shall file a discipline report describing the improper behavior of the bus student.  Reports are submitted to the director of transportation.  A copy of the report will go to the administrator who deals with student discipline for immediate action. The administrator shall conference the student about his/her reported misconduct. Parents are to be contacted by the administrator who will inform them that their child will be removed from the bus for a period of not less than three-days (3) if they receive a second misconduct report. ALL actions are to be fully documented.

Second Report:  Three-Day (3) Removal from the bus - The driver shall follow the same procedure as before.  The administrator shall inform the student and the parents of the three-day (3) removal from the bus. ALL actions are to be fully documented. 

Third Report: Ten-Day (10) Removal from the bus - The driver shall follow the same procedure as before. The administrator shall inform the student and the parents of the ten-day (10) removal from the bus. ALL actions are to be fully documented.

Fourth Report:   Twenty-Day (20) Removal from the bus.  The driver shall follow the same procedure as before.  The administrator shall inform the student and parents of the twenty-day (20) removal from the bus.  ALL actions shall be fully documented.

Fifth Report:     Suspension from the bus for the remainder of the semester Additional referrals may result in removal from the bus for the remainder of the year.

Fighting:  Any fight on the school bus will be an automatic 10-day (10) suspension.

All bus infractions could be combined with other disciplinary actions consistent with the student code of conduct.

Note to parents:  If your son/daughter is experiencing a conflict or problem on their assigned bus, direct your inquiries to the appropriate campus principal as soon as possible so the problem can be addressed immediately.

The bus driver will not drop off a student under the age of seven, without an adult being at the residence.  The bus driver will take the child back to the school campus. School officials will then call the parent to come to the school to get their child. If the parent can not be reached and the child picked up from the school by 5 p.m. the student(s) will be taken to the Winona Police Department. Winona Police Department 903 877-2160 or 903 877-3381

Traffic Flow and School Bus Loading - Unloading Procedures

All traffic for the purpose of loading and unloading students from the south entrance will be routed one way.  Buses will use the south entrance from Johnson Road for the purpose of loading and unloading students.  The procedures for bus loading and unloading will be as follows:

    1. All high school students first
    2. All middle school students second
    3. All  elementary students last.


School-Sponsored Trips  

Students who participate in school-sponsored trips are required to use transportation provided by the school to and from the event.  The principal, however, may make an exception if the parent makes a written request that the student be released to the parent or to another adult designated by the parent. All field trips are governed by the regulations in these paragraphs.