Message from the Principal

Winona Elementary,
We are so excited to be starting our journey with you this year. Everywhere around the building, some extraordinary things are taking place. Our new leadership staff is so excited to meet each and everyone of you and our staff has been busily preparing for your return. Our hearts and our passions lie in what is best for our students. You are so vital to us and we can't wait to see you grow and learn here at Winona Elementary.
Our office is always open please don't hesitate to come by or call. It is our desire that each and every parent will actively join us as we partner to educate our students. Have a blessed year and know you are important to each and every person on this campus!

  Winona Elementary Schools 

Phone: (903) 939-4800
Fax: (903) 877-2457
Address: 611 Wildcat Drive, Winona, Texas 75792