"Savageville Culture"

We have revamped our system within our athletics program that will improve our culture here in Winona ISD. Over the Christmas break the coaching staff met several times and devised a plan that will help us achieve this goal. Our athletes are going to be held accountable for every action both positive and negative. Our Savageville name was adapted from the nickname "Goonville" of Coach Randy Jackson's successful program in North Forney, who is the author of the book "Culture Defeats Strategy".

Each athlete has been assigned to a coach and drafted onto a team. Each team has a Captain and a Lieutenant whom are the leaders of the teams. These teams are in competition each and every day where they gain or lose points in the classrooms, hallways, at lunch and in athletics. In the future our Common Core Values (CCVs) being displayed around the campus and on T-shirts. Our athletes voted to have their CCVs and we have explained these words to them and they understand what it take to be a member of the Wildcat Athletic program.

Our Common Core Values are: 
Juice - Having enthusiasm 
Integrity - Doing what you are supposed to do when no one is watching
Dedication - Setting aside for a particular purpose
Family - Being held accountable to other people
Relentless - Never giving up, never backing down
Respect - admire someone deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements
Selflessness - Being part of something bigger than ones self

There will be a Thundercat of the Week awarded to four athletes (2 boys and 2 girls) andtwo teachers each week. These winners will have their pictures posted on our social media sites and around the campuses. The Thundercat award was derived from the 1980's cartoon and is awarded to the athlete, and teacher, who best exhibits our CCVs during the week.

Savageville Culture