Summer Workouts

Summer is finally here, but athletics doesn’t end!  We will have 6 weeks of workout plans for you to attend.  It is very important that you attend these workouts because it will keep you in shape and get you ready for next year. The Winona Coaches will be running the summer workouts. We expect every female and male athlete to be a part of these workouts.  We will be doing the following: lifting weights, plyometric training, cardio, flexibility training, and speed/agility training.  All of these workouts combined will get you jumping higher, quicker, endurance, and strength which will lead you to be a better overall athlete. Below you will find the schedule. Thanks in advance for your commitment and dedication to this athletic program.

Girls Schedule

June 12 - July 27         9-12 (Monday - Thursday)
July 3-7                        OFF
July 31                         OFF
August 1                      Volleyball Begins


Boys Schedule

June 12 - July 27         9-12 (Monday - Thursday)
July 3-7                         OFF
July 24                          OFF
July 7                            Football Begins

There will also be a BBQ held for athletes who attend at least 80% of the summer workouts. For questions, please call Keylon Kincade at 903-939-4111.