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Toni Harp, Winona ISD Nurse
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School Health Services

It is the School Nurse’s responsibility to coordinate the health/wellness needs of the school district.  Below you will see several issues that may arise throughout your child’s school year.  These are general health guidelines and rules that we go by in the clinic

Students with a temp over 100.0 or above will be sent home.  If your child runs fever through the night or wakes up that morning with fever, please do not send them to school.  Not only are they potentially contagious to their classmates and teachers, but they probably do not feel well and need to rest at home.  Fever free means no fever for 24 hours without the use of medication.

We try to take care of these at school.  If it’s small or minor, you may or may not be notified.  For things that will leave a mark or will be sore for a few days, we will inform you with a phone call or will send home a note to you.

If your child needs medications during school hours, these medications need to be dropped off by the parent in the office or clinic and not sent to school with the child.  This is a safety concern.  Medications need to be brought in their original container.  Please come by the clinic in the elementary to discuss the medication needs of your child with the nurse and fill out the needed paperwork or print the forms off that are on the medication link on the side bar here.

The tale-tell sign that it’s “true pink eye” and not just allergies is that there will be “crusties” around the eye and eyelashes when your child wakes up, and the eye may be matted together with yellow/greenish drainage.  The drainage caused by allergies is usually clear and watery.  If your child comes to school with pink eye symptoms, be prepared to get a call from school to pick them up.  For them to return there must be a doctor’s note or the eye must be cleared up.  Pink eye is very contagious.

Lice are parasites.  Although they are not overall harmful, they are a nuisance.  A lot of lice killing shampoos are not as effective as they used to be.  We have found that prescription lice shampoos do work the best and are often covered completely with insurance.  If your child is found to have live head lice, you will receive a call from the nurse and a flyer will be sent home with your child with instructions for your child to return to school.  The child must be treated and rechecked in the nurse’s office before returning the next day.

Accidents happen ranging from spills to “potty” accidents to playground mud puddles.  We could always use extra clothes in the clinic in youth sizes if you have some to donate.  If you know your child is prone to “potty” accidents, please bring a change of clothes with them to school.  We try and use clean “borrowed” clothes we keep in the clinic instead of calling parents at home to come up.

We screen vision and hearing in grades Pre-K, K, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th.  If your child fails one of the screenings you will receive a letter of referral home.  If your child is not in the above grade and you would like them to be screened contact the nurse and we will be happy to screen them.

Spinal screenings are required for students 6th and 9th grade by the state for scoliosis awareness.  Parents will receive a letter notifying them of the date this will be scheduled.



Click here for Bacterial Meningitis information requirements link 

Required Immunizations for 2015-2016

Please use the link below to get information about our local Health Department they offer vaccines at the lowest possible cost or for free!  They also have yearly sites that offer free medical evaluations, physicals, dental and vision exams.

Northeast Texas Public Health District


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