Lice is frustrating to the child and to the parent.  We want to work with you to get your child lice free and to miss the least amount of school possible.


  • Treat your child for head lice with an over the counter or prescription treatment for head lice
  • Bring your child in to the nurse to inspect if treatment has been effective 


  • Over the counter treatments kill live lice but do not kill the nits(eggs) so it’s very important to remove all nits(eggs) with the comb provided in the treatment box
  • Nits(eggs) hatch within 6-8 days so if you are having a hard time removing all of the nits(eggs) please re-treat within 6-8 days after the first time you treat your child
  • Wash all clothing and bed linin your child has been in contact within during the last few days once lice is found
  • Wash in hot water
  • It is not necessary to use any special sanitizers or do any special cleaning other than the above mentioned.  Lice will not survive long (less than 48hrs) off the child’s head.
  • Blow drying hair has shown to help in killing nits(eggs)
  • Please use the attached treatment calendar to help you get the best results and to ensure complete removal
  • After your first treatment make sure you comb the hair with the fine tooth comb at least daily
  • Please visit the below website for more information and guidance on this issue