Mineola Marching Contest Itinerary

Mineola Marching Festival Itinerary 

6:45 am Band Hall Open

7:00 am Full uniform outside with instruments for run-through
(Black Socks!!!)

7:20 am Leaving Winona for Mineola 

8:00 am Arriving at Mineola 

8:30 am Warm-Up

9:15 am Performance 

After performance pack-up, change, go to the stands and watch other bands perform. Students will need to wear their show shirt at all times. Bring money for concessions and souvenirs. Boosters will provide lunch and the Band will provide dinner. 

Leaving time will depend on whether or not we are placed in finals. If we are in finals we will leave around 9:00 pm. If we do not make finals we will leave around 6:30 pm.