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High School Teacher/Coach

Secondary Biology/Anatomy & Physiology position available for the 2016-2017 school year. Must be highly qualified and have at least a bachelor's degree. You may fill out an application by clicking on the highlighted box at the top.  If interested or need more details, contact Damenion Miller, High School Principal, at 903.939.4100 and Keylon Kincade at kkincade@winonaisd.org.  Coaching duties include Head Coach of Volleyball and Softball.

High School ELA, English I
High School ELA, English I position available for the 2016-2017 school year. Required qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, valid Texas teacher certificate in English Language Arts Reading certification, must be appropriate for grade level posted.

Prefer applicant to have proven success in the ELA classroom and on state assessments. Applicants should have a strong knowledge of their content; have adequate fluency in content to enable the teacher to create authentic learning activities aligned with TEKS; ability to collaborate with other ELA team teachers to build and refine curriculum plan; strong classroom management skills; ability to keep students engaged in learning; ability to align lessons to curriculum and TEKS; applicant needs strong organizational skills; the ability to establish a good rapport with faculty, students, and parents. Purpose: To provide students with high quality instruction in ELA-Reading and aligned learning activities in reading to help them achieve the academic goals set for middle school students, to help each student achieve their potential in academics and citizenship, as well as to enable students to become life-long learners.  Specific Responsibilities: Create and implement lesson plans weekly that are aligned to TEKS and established curriculum plan; adhere to and implement 504 and Special Education accommodations according to IEPs; implement instruction that meets the diversified needs of all students with attention to multiculturalism and learning styles; use technology to promote student learning and engagement; utilize both formal and informal assessments of student learning and provide feedback to students often; work with curriculum personnel to create instructional goals, objectives and continue professional learning; participate in professional development to continue personal growth as an educator; attend faculty meetings and work collaboratively with inclusion aides.  If interested or need more details, contact Damenion Miller, High School Principal, at 903.939.4100.
Middle School Paraprofessional
Currently seeking a paraprofessional for the Middle School. Duties will include providing inclusion support to classroom teachers as well as other campus duties as assigned. This position also includes coaching responsibilities as to be determined by the Athletic Director.  For more information, please contact Brian Lowe, Middle School Principal, at 903.939.4042.

High School Counselor
High School Counselor position available. For more information, contact Damenion Miller, High School Principal, at 903.939.4100.

High School Science
WHS is looking for a highly motivated, certified teacher for High School Chemistry/IPC/Physics/Coach. The teacher is expected to interact with school administration and teachers to create a positive work environment. They should be an innovator, self-starter, organized and a positive team member in the district.

Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Nursing Assistant to work half day with special needs students and half day in school nursing clinic.  Job requirements include CPR certification and CNA license.  Pediatric experience preferred.  Flexibility in daily work schedule.  Experience in computer data entry preferred.  For more information contact Angela Adams, Special Education Director, at 903-939-4881 or aadams@winonaisd.org.

Elementary Inclusion Paraprofessional
Position open for a paraprofessional on the elementary campus.  For more information contact Angela Adams, Special Education Director, at 903-939-4881 or aadams@winonaisd.org.

Credit Recovery
Position open for Credit Recovery Instructor. Contact cmize@winonaisd.org.

High School Paraprofessional
Position available for instructional aide for credit recovery. Contact Damenion Miller, High School Principal, at dmiller@winonaisd.org if interested. Please complete a Personnel Application.

Elementary/Intermediate Teacher
Position available for elementary/intermediate teacher.  You may complete an application by clicking the link above.  If interested, or need more information, contact Josh Snook at jsnook@winonaisd.org