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Winona ISD is now accepting applications for a PE, Generalist or Composite Social Studies teacher. A Texas teaching certificate and similar coaching experience is required. Additional duties may be required. For more information please contact Keylon Kincade at 903-939-4111, or kkincade@winonaisd.org. The position will close once filled.

We are seeking a Head Baseball & Assistant Football coach that's knowledgeable in both sports. Head Baseball experience is preferred but not required. Individual must have high energy, be self motivated, well organized and have a great desire to help coach young men. Must have or be able to obtain a CDL.
Registrar, High School
REPORTS TO: Campus Academic Advisor
1. High school graduate or hold a GED certificate
2. Have two years of secretarial or bookkeeping experience; or fifteen semester hours of college credit with some business orientation or equivalent business school background.
3. Demonstrate interest in and aptitude for work to be performed
4. Keyboarding, computer proficiency; extensive filing, and computation skills
5. Desire and ability to work with and effectively communicate with staff, students, and parents.

Maintain accurate student records.

1. Enroll all new students; get birth certificate, immunization records, language survey.
2. Determine if student is living with parent or guardian.
3. Make Academic Achievement Record (CUM) folder for each student.
4. Verify all new students live in our district or are eligible for transfer.
5. Verify new student’s withdrawal from former school and request records.
6. Verify social security number of students for PEIMS.
7. Distribute discipline information and student handbooks for new students.
8. Give grades to records/scheduling on new students to be entered in computer.
9. Prepare CUM so all information is recorded (College Board number, date of passing STAAR, EOC, and entry date in eighth grade.
10. Correct all addresses on CUM.
11. Reorganize all drop students, no show students, and graduates yearly.
12. Send cumulative and report cards over six years of age to the Administration office.
13. Provide records for school and state officials, teachers, TEA, Juvenile probation, etc.
14. Send transcripts for students applying to college.
15. Send transcripts to schools for withdrawals.
16. Send transcripts on athletes recruited by colleges.
17. Answer questions on transcripts concerning CORE classes.
18. Prepare and send transcripts, report cards, and withdrawal forms to and from DAEP.
19. Fill all requests for transcripts received during the year.
20. Order office supplies for records/scheduling office and registrar office.
21. Inventory for records/scheduling office and registrar office.
22. Write GED, verification of enrollment, etc., letters.
23. Pull report cards and transcripts for Tyler Junior College
24. Grade changes.
25. Bi-annual reconciliation of attendance roster.
26. Enter information into TXEIS on new students including name, identification number, ethnic code, etc.
27. Complies with directions and instructions from supervisor and performs other tasks and assumes such responsibilities as may be assigned.
28. Maintains positive and cooperative working relationships with colleagues and others in the conduct of district business and demonstrates team work in daily activities.
29. Is prompt, timely, and thorough in completing assignments and attending to details accurately and efficiently.
30. Meets attendance standards and complies with notification procedures for absences.
31. Provides complete and accurate information in the conduct of district business.

Winona Middle School Math teacher Position Available
Must be Math certified in the content area of middle school mathematics.
Courses to be taught include middle school math and math remediation.
Develop and implement lesson plans that fulfill the district’s curriculum program and show written evidence of preparation as required by curriculum coordinator and campus principal.
Extensive and up-to-date knowledge of content area.
Ability to follow and implement middle school Math TEKs according to scope and sequence as set forth by the campus.
Proven ability to gather and utilize formative and summative assessments to create individualized learning plans to ensure student success on Local and State assessments.
Ability to meet and work with the campus level math team, curriculum coordinator, and principal and be an integral member of a professional learning community.
Provide continual communication with students and parents in regards to progress on coursework.
Set and maintain a high level of classroom expectations and utilize varying classroom management techniques to ensure student success.

Salary: State base + (Available to view on WISD website)
Deadline: Until Position is filled
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university; valid Texas Teaching Certificate for appropriate assignment; ability to instruct students and manage their behavior, strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Middle School Science position
Required qualifications:   Bachelor’s degree from accredited university
Valid Texas teacher certificate and certification must be appropriate for grades 6-8 Science
Prefer applicant to have proven success in the Science classroom and on state assessments. Applicants should have a strong knowledge of their content; have adequate fluency in content to enable the teacher to create authentic learning activities aligned with TEKS; ability to collaborate with other Science team teachers to build and refine curriculum plan; strong classroom management skills; ability to keep students engaged in learning; ability to align lessons to curriculum and TEKS; applicant needs strong organizational skills; the ability to establish a good rapport with faculty, students, and parents.

Purpose: To provide students with high quality instruction in Science and aligned learning activities to help them achieve the academic goals set for middle school students, to help each student achieve their potential in academics and citizenship, as well as to enable students to become life-long learners.

Specific Responsibilities: Create and implement lesson plans weekly that are aligned to TEKS and established curriculum plan; adhere to and implement 504 and Special Education accommodations according to IEPs; implement instruction that meets the diversified needs of all students with attention to multiculturalism and learning styles; use technology to promote student learning and engagement; utilize both formal and informal assessments of student learning and provide feedback to students often; work with curriculum personnel to create instructional goals, objectives and continue professional learning; participate in professional development to continue personal growth as an educator; attend faculty meetings and work collaboratively with inclusion aids.

Salary: State base + (Available to view on WISD website)