Click to see more. On Saturday we traveled to Gilmer for the Gilmer/White Oak Doubleheader CDE contest, our first in person contest of the year. Our students range in age from 7th-12th graders, many of which this was their first contest ever. We are so proud of how everyone did today and the improvement they made in the second contest in our poultry and floriculture teams

🦋-1st place Team in both the Gilmer and White Oak Contests
- Julia Thompson - 1st high individual in both contests earning her, her first belt buckle
-Joseph Barrera- 2nd high individual in both contests
- Gael Gonzalez- 3rd high individual ;5th high individual
-Edgar Hinojasa- 11th high individual in both contests

🥛-Courtney Green - 2nd high individual; 3rd high individual